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I help organizations and individuals focus to collaborate, communicate and solve problems more efficiently.

Are you ready to own your focus?


I help people become unstuck by making them better leaders. 

I help people make progress, inspire others, and create change. 

The old systems of leadership are antiquated, based on linear progressions of achievement. Where perfection was emphasized. Today's leaders are doing something bigger. I teach workshops, public speaking, individual and group coaching.

You are changing the world to be more healthy, more productive and sustainable. Where progress is 1% is every day. 

Effective leaders today are empowering others to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems faster.

I strategize and coach with you.

Together, we define priorities, create a strategy, and implement with accountability. And then we iterate.

Here are some examples of what my clients work on:

  • C-suite Executive and Mom wanting to lead her team to healthier relationships and more productive time together like she does her family.
  • CEO who feels angry and frustrated with his time wants to take his leadership skills to the next level to inspire his team and those around him.
  • Mom who feels disconnected from her teenage children desires healthy thriving relationships and is ready to lead herself and her family to get there.
  • Entrepreneur and Dad who wants to get more organized in his business, home, and connecting with his child. He learns to lead himself, his team, and his family.
  • Nurse and Mom who has focused on her children her whole life and is now looking to reconnect with herself, in order to know what she wants and lead herself to more fulfilling relationships and experiences.

Together, we get you from where you are to where you want to be. 


What My Clients Have To Say...

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