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Here Is A Bit About Me and Own Your Focus:

 I wanted to see kids deeply believe in themselves and families thrive. As a pediatrician, I felt I was making some change but nearly enough. I was addressing the health of children, yes.. but the change was incremental because I was only addressing symptoms of a deeper problem. 

So I went looking for solutions. What I ultimately found was a collective difficulty to communicate and solve problems together that was wreaking havoc on how we saw ourselves and others.  

And so I focused my career to help people create solid foundations to live better lives for themselves and generations to come. 

I learned tools of communication and self awareness. I found ways to share and implement them to transform to help society heal, work together and thrive.  

I started focusing on kids, then realized the kids learn so much faster when the parents learn and implement these tools.

This lead to creating Own Your Focus and Uplevel Coaching, a coaching system designed to support parents in gaining the tools for effective collaboration and communication. 

The program was so successful at helping people LEAD that others began wanting the program and system. This lead to me taking it to corporations, government programs and community organizations. 

I no longer address sick care, I look at foundational, holistic health by looking at how we connect to each other. What gets me out of bed every morning is knowing the tools are out there to help us communicate and collaborate and solve problems more efficiently. 

That bed is in the rolling hills of Southern Ohio where I live with my blended family, enjoying the picturesque landscape of nature trails, wildlife and farm animals.


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