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What Our Clients Have To Say

Laura Evans

Pharmaceutical Executive

“I felt my value was in my to-do lists.  The list was growing and growing.. .I was so busy checking things off my list I didn't take time to look up and see what I wanted.

I realized I didn't know myself.  I didn’t trust myself.  Stress was a constant in my life. 

Shannon helped me stop self-sabotage, listen to myself and take action to feel fulfilled.  I can’t say enough great things about their program!” 

Kim Wunner

Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur

“I did not realize how much of time was not my own.  I was constantly in reactive mode, meeting others’ demands & needs.  I never had enough time in the day.  I was exhausted & left feeling like I wasn’t enough.  Where was the progress?  Everyday felt like I was on a hamster wheel.
With this system, I escaped the hamster wheel by valuing my time!  I learned to set healthy boundaries.  My relationships feel more connected & I am  moving toward what I really want.”

Mindy McGinnis

Social Media Manager

“I felt frustrated & unappreciated a lot!  I didn’t realize that I wasn’t communicating what I expected of myself and others. 

I was listening to podcasts, reading books..but the progress wasn’t there.  Once I realized there was a better way, I took it!  Now, I understand my expectations and communicate them in a way that helps me and my family grow!❤️ 

This system save me years of heartache!  Thank you Shannon!”

Shannon Smith, M.D.

Pediatrician - Life Coach

I became a pediatrician to help families. Soon after, I realized the destructive effect that a parent’s stress has on their children. I not only saw the negative consequences of being an overwhelmed parent in my office, I also saw it in my home. As a single mom with a toddler on my hip, I promised myself that I would find answers… and once I did; I couldn't wait to share them with every parent looking for a solution!
Once I found the solution, I began coaching and have been able to help hundreds of parents to create a life they love. Will you be next?

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