We help people focus so your business gets the job done.


What's in it for you?

  • Culture Enhancement

  • Productivity Increase

  • Employee Retention

Corporate Products and Services

We use science based, research driven data, and social analytics to improve focus by sharing the tools and resources to communicate in a way that improves relationships and collaboration

How we behave in our personal relationships impacts our business relationships and vice versa. Inefficient communication disrupts focus. 

Employees who “OWN THEIR FOCUS” enhance business. 

What We Do:

Empower People by Focusing on what they Control

  • Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Management Techniques
  • Relationship Building 
  • Stress Management Solutions
  • Productivity Tools

How We Do It:

Engaging Customized Solutions

  • Strategic Coaching Sessions
  • Online Platform with On-Demand Video Content
  • Engaging Customized Workshops
  • Offered as a Stand Alone Program or Part of a Comprehensive EAP

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"People don't have business problems. They have personal problems that show up in business." - Shannon Smith, M.D.

Program Features

Mindset Training

Getting different results requires thinking differently. Our program is based on an understanding of how the mind works combined with actionable steps to get results quickly.

Systematized Approach

This course is NOT a one size fits all. It supplies the building blocks to create meaningful relationships. Those building blocks of information require customized assembly, and we will be there every step of the way!

Foundation First

Learning occurs through DOING. This program is action based. Just as language is best learned through immersion so is creating meaningful relationships.

Holistic View

Real change requires looking at life from a holistic view. So many of us are working "in" our lives and not "on" our lives. Defining where we are and what we want allows us to create actionable steps and achieve goals.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Laura Evans

Pharmaceutical Sales & Leadership

“I thought I knew what communication was before this program. I didn't realize the impact of what could be achieved by communicating with my team and others in my life in a way that enhances collaboration and commitment. 

A lot of what I saw as "normal" everyday stress was a lack of clarity that I was craving. I can’t say enough great things about their program!” 

Kim Wunner

Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur

“I did not realize how much of time was not my own. I was constantly in reactive mode, meeting others’ demands & needs. I never had enough time in the day. I was exhausted & left feeling like I wasn’t enough. Where was the progress? Everyday felt like I was on a hamster wheel.
With this system, I escaped the hamster wheel by valuing my time! I learned to set healthy boundaries.  My relationships feel more connected & I am  moving toward what I really want.”

Jake Barron

Principal Owner & Managing Partner

Medical device sales is highly competitive, fast pace environment especially for sales teams. For years, we watched sales reps enter the field just to crumble and fail under the pressure. As a organization, we  teach the duties and knowledge needed, but were ill equipped to handle the internal struggles that would arise as they faced adversity.

Since adding Own Your Focus to our standard training, we have seen a dramatic increase in the outlook and resilience of our sales team with no added time or effort from our sales management team. Employees that have more clarity in life perform better, have better attitudes, and appreciate the company more. So happy we found Shannon and her team, they are experts at what they do. Are only regret is that we didn't do it years ago -- it would have saved significant time, money, and energy.

Shannon Smith, M.D.

Relationship Strategist - Life Coach - Physician

I became a pediatrician to positively impact children's health. Treating ear aches or runny noses added value, but nothing compared to the massive impact of improving how families communicated and connected with each other. Numerous studies show the powerful effects created by health relationships. When people feel seen, heard and valued, they thrive. Like a stone dropped into a pond, ripples of positivity spread. The impact of using these tools can be seen in every setting from homes, schools and businesses. 

Real Results from Real People!