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In this live event you will learn

In Crypto 101, we took a look at what financial freedom actually is, why so many of us don’t feel that our money is working for us and how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may be the answer to financial stability and wealth creation.

In Crypto 102, our mission is to empower families to create financial freedom so they can live in a way that fulfills them allowing value to radiate outward.

As a physician I had a very limited understanding of money and how to prepare for the future. What I've learned has allowed me to create the freedom to add value to the world in a way that fulfills me. That is why I'm bringing you a deeper dive into the crypto space with a financial expert. Stephen O. Mullins is a FinTech Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and early stage crypto investor. I'm grateful that he's agreed to join us for this open forum to answer questions and guide you on your journey.

We’ll take a deep dive so you can decide if your ready to diversify your portfolio into the crypto space by sharing:

  • How cryptocurrencies work and how they can work for you
  • How to decide how much is right for you
  • And the exact steps to take in order to hedge your bets to create financial stability and grow wealth.

*This class should in no way be considered licensed financial advice. We will be sharing the tools and tricks that have worked for us, this does not guarantee others will have similar results. All financial investments are to be taken at your own risk and should not be taken lightly. 

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