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About Us

Our mission is to help overwhelmed parents create a life they love. As a pediatrician and parent, I know the stress of balancing life while raising children. Many times I’ve thought there has to be an easier way.... turns out there is!
So we’ve assembled a team to share the system to help families thrive! I previously viewed obstacles as something to avoid. Yet becoming a single mom was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Struggling as a single parent made me a better pediatrician, mom, and person. Since life is a series of obstacles, we have the ability to learn to use obstacles to help us create any life we choose.
Growing up I learned to follow the rules, multitask, and aim for perfection. In our technologically disrupted world, the old rules no longer apply. FOCUS is key, and progress is more valuable than perfection. Implementing the equation to transform obstacles into opportunities changed my life!

Helping parents to create a life they love positively impacts the whole family. We offer parents a powerful 8-week online course, weekly calls, supportive online community, and a plethora of resources to create this incredible change.
The outcome of this opportunity will be:
  • Dramatic reduction in stress
  • System creating an abundance of finances
  • Streamlined organization
  • Improved daily efficiency
  • Laser-like focus to achieve goals
The biggest changes are made by parents who are willing to work hard & invest in themselves to create change for themselves and their families. If this sounds like you, schedule a call with us today!
We want to see every family thrive... a family’s success is our success... we are all in this together♥️.
All the best,
Shannon & Stephen

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