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We're all Gamblers, so why not Cryptocurrency?

You are a gambler. Hear me out! Most of us were raised to be afraid of gambling, and the word contrives images of someone slumped over a slot machine, their last dollar gone.

But in reality, we take a gamble daily. The bacon you ate earlier could have easily contained a deadly bacteria. Your car is one of the least safe spaces you could be, but you choose to get in and drive. 

When I talk about investing and specifically investing in cryptocurrency, people often tell me they're afraid of the gamble. They're afraid of the risk. As humans, we're so adverse to risk that we forget the risks we're taking on a daily basis because they are familiar. We are comfortable with risk that we're used to. We tend to forget it's risky to eat bacon or drive to the store. 

I want you to get comfortable with cryptocurrency and recognize it's just as risky an investment as other areas in our life. Why? Because I truly believe it will help you gain financial freedom, and build a better future for your family. Parents being stressed about money negatively impacts their children. You owe it to yourself and your kids to lose the stress and make your money work for you. In fact, the benefit of investing in cryptocurrency could be so great, the real risk would be in not investing. 

My husband Stephen and I are hosting an exclusive event on Friday, April 16 at 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time. "Crypto 102" will take you from basic knowledge of crypto to the actual steps it takes to invest. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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