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We're all Gamblers, so why not Cryptocurrency?

You are a gambler. Hear me out! Most of us were raised to be afraid of gambling, and the word contrives images of someone slumped over a slot machine, their last dollar gone.

But in reality, we take a gamble daily. The bacon you ate earlier could have easily contained a deadly bacteria. Your car is one of the least safe spaces you could be, but you choose to get in and drive. 

When I talk about investing and specifically investing in cryptocurrency, people often tell me they're afraid of the gamble. They're afraid of the risk. As humans, we're so adverse to risk that we forget the risks we're taking on a daily basis because they are familiar. We are comfortable with risk that we're used to. We tend to forget it's risky to eat bacon or drive to the store. 

I want you to get comfortable with cryptocurrency and recognize it's just as risky an investment as other areas in our life. Why? Because I truly believe it will help you gain financial freedom, and build a better future...

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How a Doctor Overcame Money Issues and a FREE Event You Won't Want to Miss!


"Wait, aren't you a doctor? How could YOU have money issues?"

This is a question on many people’s lips when they hear me talk about my past struggles with money. For years, money was one of my very top stressors. I felt stuck, and didn't know how to get out. Despite making a good salary, I felt lacking. How was this possible?


Most people grow up believing that if you make more money, you automatically have more money. So I logically assumed that if I was one of the lucky ones that was able to have a high-paying job, then I would be set for life. I would be rich. 


If only it were that easy or true. 


Nielsen Financial Advisors state that 25% families making a yearly salary of $150,000 or above were living paycheck to paycheck (1). According to Ladders, “One in three earning between $50,000 and $100,000 need their next paycheck to survive. For those earning less than $50,000, that percentage increases to half” (2). Higher incomes...

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