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How a Doctor Overcame Money Issues and a FREE Event You Won't Want to Miss!


"Wait, aren't you a doctor? How could YOU have money issues?"

This is a question on many people’s lips when they hear me talk about my past struggles with money. For years, money was one of my very top stressors. I felt stuck, and didn't know how to get out. Despite making a good salary, I felt lacking. How was this possible?


Most people grow up believing that if you make more money, you automatically have more money. So I logically assumed that if I was one of the lucky ones that was able to have a high-paying job, then I would be set for life. I would be rich. 


If only it were that easy or true. 


Nielsen Financial Advisors state that 25% families making a yearly salary of $150,000 or above were living paycheck to paycheck (1). According to Ladders, “One in three earning between $50,000 and $100,000 need their next paycheck to survive. For those earning less than $50,000, that percentage increases to half” (2). Higher incomes...

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